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A Better Man

Beware the man who says he wants to make you “better”.

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And this is why I drink

. . . and this is why I drink (Part Two): RIC: I’m done planting the new plants in the bag yard. ME: That’s good. Are you happy with it? RIC: It looks great. What are you doing? More editing? ME: Bee

Sunday, Sunday

. . . and this is why I drink: RIC: I know that you are still hurting and can’t cook. I will pick up dinner, tonight. ME: Sounds good. RIC: What do you want? ME: I am good with whatever you’d like. RI

... And this is why I drink

RIC: Let’s go to Jim’s for breakfast. ME: It’s so far away. I can cook something here. RIC: But I want pancakes. ME: Okay. RIC: Jim’s is better than yours. ME: Sorry. RIC: Let’s go to Jim’s. ME: It’


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