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A Dog's Life

[Me walking to front door]

DAWG: Where you going? Where you going? Where you going?

ME: I'll be right back.

DAWG: Can I come? Please? Let me come! Don't leave me!

ME: I'm just going to check the mail.

DAWG: Why are you leaving me?

ME: I will be right back. It's only fifty feet away.

DAWG: Don't go! Please don't go!

ME: I won't even be a minute. Stay.

[Me closing the door behind me]

DAWG: Noooooooooo!

[Me walking down to the mailbox, getting the mail and returning to the door. Sees dog jumping up and down inside]

DAWG: You are back!

ME: I said I would be right back.

DAWG: You were gone soooooo long. I am glad you're back. Play with me. Let me out. Love me. Give me food. Pet me. Here take my rope and play tug-of-war. Aren't I cute? Don't you love me?

ME: Open the wine.

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