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And This is Why Ric Drinks

And this is why Ric drinks . . .

RIC: Yea! It’s Sunday.

ME: It’s just another day.

RIC: No. It’s Spaghetti Sunday!

ME: I found this low-cal recipe for Chicken Parmesan that I want to try tonight.

RIC: That’s okay. You can serve it with a side of pasta.

ME: I will, but the recipe calls for zucchini pasta.

RIC: What!?! That ain’t right.

ME: I am trying to lose these last 379 lbs . . .

RIC: Don’t exaggerate. You always do that.

ME: Okay, maybe not 379 but you know what I mean. Regular egg and flour pasta is too fattening. We are having zucchini pasta.

RIC: Harumph. Well, I got a “Sunday Truth” for you: zucchini pasta is NOT pasta. It’s stringed vegetables; and this is NOT “Stringed Vegetable Sunday.”

ME: Well, it is today.

RIC: Open the wine.

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