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Angelina's Diary - Wrath

From the author of “The Ordinary Life”, “The Ordinary Doll”, and “The Ordinary Monster” comes the fourth novel in this extraordinary series . . .

The Ordinary Sin

“The first time that I saw Sin, actually saw it, was that morning in 1961. You have heard one version or another of what happened, so you know that your Tia Luciana, was shot that morning, but you have not heard this part of the story. I am not sure why I never told you. Maybe I was waiting to find out whether you would ever exercise your gift before I shared my history.”

These were the words that Sara read in Angelina’s diary. These were the words that would start her down a journey of self-discovery that might change her perception of . . . everything.

Excerpt from Angelina’s Diary


Later, I found out that your Uncle Junior knew. Maybe that was the root of his anger — an anger that invited Wrath and later allowed his Sin to manifest. You already know what he did. The whole world knows. Wrath had pushed him into an evil that is almost unimaginable. But his fury did not come from nowhere. Such a thing never does. Junior’s fury was born from the loins of Papa Jesús’s Sin — Lust.

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Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085MGYZDK

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