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I read a news story reporting that a NYC actress was fired from her job for something she posted regarding the funeral of a recently murdered police officer.

What the actress said was, in my opinion, tasteless and despicable. Her words paint in her in a very bad light. However, I am opposed to censorship or cancel culture in any form and do not believe that someone should lose their job over the exercise of their right to free speech insofar as the exercise thereof is outside of and unrelated to their workplace.

I know, many will likely excuse her firing with: “The other side does it!” But this me-too-ism that is rampant in our society is tearing us apart. Two wrongs do not make a right.

To me, it does not matter whether the despicable speech comes from the right or the left. A society where people are not allowed to express their opinions (no matter how despicable those opinions may be) is not a free society. I may detest her thoughts, but she has the right to express them. Once we cede that freedom, the rest of our freedoms are doomed to fall as well. We may as well close the door and hang up the “closed” sign for our civilization.

Just my opinion.

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