• mariokiefer

Every Breath You Take

If you want to stop the continual spread of this infection, you must realize that each and every time you breathe you are putting people at risk. Every time you breathe out, droplets enter the air that might contain the virus and might get into someone else’s nose and lungs. That is why you must wear a mask!

And, not just any old mask, but the right kind of mask! And, you must wear it the right way - not any old way you please. And, you must wear it at ALL times (even during sex (or so says the Canadian CDC)). And especially when driving alone in a car!

Even then, you need to know that masks are not a panacea. They sometimes fail. Because the virus is spread through droplets in your breath, it is very important to protect people from your breathing!

For God’s sake, people! If you want to stop the virus you must STOP BREATHING. It’s the only way to save lives!


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