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Forbidden Fruit

God our Father placed Man and Woman in the Garden and instructed them not to eat the fruit from the tree in the midst of the Garden. But the serpent who was more subtle than any beast of the field came to Man and said unto him that God forbade them from eating the fruit because He knew that once they had their eyes would be opened and they would know good from evil. The serpent persuaded Man to eat from the tree. Man then convinced Woman to do the same. Upon eating the fruit each realized they were naked and sewed together fig leaves to cover themselves.

God came to Garden and saw that Man and Woman were covered and He knew that they had eaten the forbidden fruit.

God asked Man, “Why have you eaten the fruit I forbade?”

Man, having gained knowledge from the fruit, had learned how to lie and he blamed it on Woman.

To this day, people still believe that it was Woman who had first partaken of the forbidden fruit.

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