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I Refuse to Take the Knee

Let me be very clear here. I do not want there to be any doubt about where I stand. I do not want to hear from anyone that I did not tell them how I feel. I do not want any one to come to me afterward in an attempt to dress me down because I did not follow their "rules". I do not care if you call me insubordinate, rude, obstinate, or any other such adjective. Your opinion on this subject its absolutely meaningless to me. I do not care what it is.

You, each and every one of you, are on notice, so do not claim that you did not know. Do not say that you had no idea that I intended to do what I am now doing. Own up to your failure if you do not heed what I now say. If what I say disturbs, perturbs, or otherwise bothers you; if you are offended by my refusal to play your silly game; if you want to cry out in outrage that I did not kowtow this idiotic demand, then too damn bad!

So here goes . . . I will not accept this blatant attempt at thievery. You may not have my hour - it is mine. I will not participate in your so-called "Daylight Savings Time." You are evil and wicked for even trying to make me do so and I flat refuse.

End of subject. Period.

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