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Monster Review

Here are some excerpts from the recent review of The Ordinary Monster at the Online Book Club. Check out OBC for the full review:

"Kiefer's well-edited writing was neat and easy to read . . . The plot was also extremely engaging, a real page-turner which hooked me in early and kept me reading.""

Kiefer's character development was also top-notch . . the relationships fleshed out seamlessly throughout the story."

". . . a fascinating character study of two men linked by tragedy: Hector, a man forced to a wrathful act of vengeance that went awry, and Junior, a victim of that wrath, who now swore vengeance of his own. Each man had a pitched battle raging inside him between the better angels of his nature and the “demon” La Furia. . ."

". . . Kiefer built tension nicely toward the end of the book as the confrontation between Junior and Hector loomed; I found myself eagerly anticipating the conflict."

". . . the ending was chilling, with a definite moral lesson against carrying grudges and continuing to perpetuate a cycle of vengeance."

"It was a compelling character-driven story of honour, vengeance, and the uncontrollable fury that can grip a man pushed by another to the brink of insanity."

"Those who enjoy a great character-driven psychological thriller will be gripped, held, and La Furia."

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