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Today starts the beginning of Autumn when evil men begin to harvest poor, innocent Corn for their own selfish reasons.

We at PLANT believe it’s important to educate the public about the gruesome practices that men employ against these poor Corn - the most innocent of God’s creatures under the sun.

Did you know:

  • each ear of corn averages 800 kernels?

  • the stalk can grow anywhere from five to 12 feet tall?

  • the roots can reach almost seven feet underground?

  • the silk of the corn is how it reproduces?

Corn’s Proud History

It is well known among Corn that their common ancestor was Teosinte - a beloved plant that originated in meso-America. When Man discovered the children of Teosinte, he came to love the smell and taste of their flesh. But, man being man, the miniature stature of Tesosinte’s children was insufficient to assuage his hunger. So, he embarked on a forced interbreeding program that began with Native Americans, then continued under early European settlers, and continues today through the machinations of mad-scientists. All of this having been done to create and manipulate a more evolved species - Corn. Man has used this evolution for his own selfish reasons and has given Corn nothing in return.

Man’s Torture of Corn

To get to Corn, man uses torture devices that strips the husks of each ear, and removes kernels as part of the harvesting process. Imagine that, if you will. Just close your eyes and imagine:

You are innocently standing in a field, minding your own business enjoying the autumn sun, when suddenly a machine rolls by that strips you of your skin and begins to remove parts of your body. It keeps those parts in a holding tank, while it spreads what is left of your shredded skin and bones back into the field to feed the next generation of your own kind. (Talk about Soylent Green!) Eventually, those body parts are loaded into a truck and taken for processing as food for evil herbivores.

Even when man is not interested in eating those parts, he uses them to create other products that he ravenously consumes.

Call to Action

We at PLANT are dedicated to advocating for the end of man’s torture and consumption of our leafy friends. We do this through education, information, and protest.

Join PLANT in protecting our leafy friends.

Lettuce Be Free!

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