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Public Health Order 2021.01.09 - Vaccines


Effective at midnight tonight.

Now that the vaccination is being made available, new COVID rules regarding identification of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons will go into effect at midnight tonight.

1. Those who have been vaccinated must continue to abide by all other orders of Public Health, including, but not limited to, mask mandates, social distancing, limited gatherings, lockdowns, and any and all such orders as Public Health may deem is in the best interest of the public at large or for the public good.

2. In addition to the above guidelines and orders, those who have not been vaccinated must wear a scarlet “C” on their chest so that those who have been vaccinated might feel more comfortable knowing who you are. T

3. Enforcement of this order shall be either through:

a) public shaming,

b) a night in the stocks,

c) flogging, and/or

d) trial by witch swimming.

The method of enforcement shall be at the sole discretion of officials appointed by Public Health.


Roger Chillingworth

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