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Tastes Change

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: Vacation is over.

ME: I know. What a bummer. I could use another couple of weeks.

RIC: It was nice, but there are things that I missed about being at home.

ME: Like what?

RIC: Well, our own bed is much more comfortable than the one at our rental.

ME: True

RIC: The bathroom at the rental was very small.

ME: Seriously! That sink was more like a Barbie hot tub - and don’t even get me started on that little shower. But the deck was great and we were on the lake.

RIC: Yes, but we have the pool here, and you know I prefer swimming in a pool over lake water.

ME: I know.

RIC: And we spent a lot of money eating out every day.

ME: We cooked a couple of times. We grilled one night, and I even made spaghetti on another.

RIC: But it’s hard to cook in someone else’s kitchen. You don’t know where to find everything. So you search and search to find the right pot, pan, etc.

ME: True. But we found them.

RIC: And then we had to buy EVERYTHING we needed to make whatever it was even thought we had it all at home - including all of those spices that we used only the one time then left behind.

ME: I am sure that the next guest will appreciate them.

RIC: Maybe. But it’s better to cook at home because food cooked in another house just doesn’t taste the same as when it's made at home.

ME: Yes it does. It’s the exact same recipe. It tastes the same.

RIC: No it doesn’t.

ME: Yes it does. You are just being crazy.

RIC: Well, let’s put this to the test. Make spaghetti tonight and I will tell you if it tastes the same as it did in the other house.

ME: Open the wine.

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