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Temper Tantrums

Way back when the world was young and so was I . . .

I struggled with controlling my temper. It was never because of things over which I had no control, but rather, over those things that should not happen. If I broke a shoe lace while tying my shoes, my fist went through the wall. If I spilled a soda on the coffee table, my foot broke it in half. Now that I am older and can look back on those days, I understand that my anger was not over the broken shoe lace or the spilled soda, but I digress.

One lesson that I learned is that reaction without forethought is more detrimental than the inciting action. Putting my fist through that wall felt good at the moment that I did so, but the ensuing medical bills to repair my broken hand did not. Putting my foot through that coffee table was somewhat euphoric, but having to replace the offending piece of furniture was not. Expressing my anger in such a destructive way only hurt and cost me more. I only hurt myself.

Sadly, this is a lesson that many still need to learn.

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