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The Devil Went Down to Georgia - A Parody

I know that some will be “triggered” by this, but lighten up and try to take it for what its worth - just a parody of song, nothing more . . .

With apologies to Charlie Daniels:

The Devil went down to Georgia.

He was lookin' for a vote to steal.

He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind.

He was willing to make a deal

When he came across this young man changin’ a ballot from red to blue.

And the Devil jumped upon a hickory stump and said "Boy, let me tell you what to do.”

"I bet you didn't know it, but I'm a ballot harvester, too.

And if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you.

Now you harvest mighty fine ballot, boy, but give the Devil his due.

I'll bet a bank of gold against your soul 'cause I think I'm better than you."

The boy said, "My name's Johnny, and it might be a sin,

But I'll take your bet

And you're gonna regret 'cause I'm the best there's ever been."

Johnny, pick up your pen and mark those ballots hard.

'Cause Hell's broke loose in Georgia and the Devil deals the cards.

And if you win you get this bank account filled with gold,

But if you lose the devil gets your soul.

The Devil uncapped his pen and he said, "I'll start this show."

And fire flew from his fingertips as he cast the winning blow.

As he used his pen across the card it made an evil hiss.

And a band of demons joined in and it sounded something like this.

When the Devil finished, Johnny said, "Well, you're pretty good ol' son,

But sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done."

"Fire on the Mountain." Run, boys, run!

The Devil's in the house and the count ain’t done.

Ballots in the ballot box changing our world

Granny, how’s it feel when the flags been furled?

The Devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat.

With nothing else to do, he could either stand or retreat

Johnny said, "Devil, just come on back if you ever wanna try and surmount,

'Cause I've told you once--you son of a bitch--I am always ready for recount.”

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