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The Fifth - First Review!

The Fifth received its first review - 5 stars!

The reviewer writes that this book has “wonderful characters, lots of fantasy action” and “. . . is a well-written, fast-paced and compelling read, especially recommended for fans of science fiction or fantasy literature but accessible and worth reading for a wider audience.”

The reviewer goes on to say that The Fifth is “[a] mash up of the book of Revelation and real-time politics, society and life, this novel is dense, dimensional and daunting . . . the book challenges us to consider our own roles in the possible movement of the world toward apocalypse . . . [t]he author does a wonderful job of exploring human weaknesses and venality, as well as strengths and heroism. Each of the . . . characters . . . are . . . well imagined and drawn . . . the ending opens up more questions than it answers. Maybe provoking thought is the book’s point and its gift.”

Read the review in its entirety at or better yet, get a copy and read the book!

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