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The Ordinary Sin - Review Synopsis

Here is s synopsis of reviews from 3/10 - 3/27:

  • JR - “In another addition to this “anything but Ordinary” series, Mr. Kiefer continues to weave a family saga.”

  • The-librarian: “The Ordinary Sin is a fascinating story of complicated family relationships, a found diary . . . The story is rich with detail and drama and express the intensity that can be found in long-term, especially familial, relationships in ways that I have rarely seen or experienced in other novels. “

  • DH: “The Ordinary Sin, is a captivating story that keeps the reader clinging to the edge of their seat as it tells about a family and their historic secrets . . . Kiefer uses an interesting combination of spoken and written dialog within his text to tell the fascinating tale . . . Thumbs up Mr Kiefer, well done!”

  • BB: “The Ordinary Sin by Mario Kiefer was one of the best books I’ve read this year . . . an interesting and entertaining blend of genres- a little fantasy, human psychology, history and fiction come together seamlessly to keep the reader thoroughly engaged until the very last page.”

  • HC: “The Ordinary Sin” by Mario Kiefer is a very engaging and enjoyable book to read . . . well written and easy to follow…and was written in a manner that kept my attention from start to finish. . . . this was just a great book, and I’d definitely recommend to others!”

  • MN: “Woven into the fabric of the story is the family’s history. Sara flashes back often throughout the book and through her lens, we get to see the dynamic of each family member playing out in the book.”

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