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And this is Ric drinks . . .

And this is why Ric drinks . . .

ME: I am not making spaghetti tonight.

RIC: But it’s Sunday?

ME: Still, I am not gonna do it.

RIC: Why not?

ME: We are missing a key ingredient.

RIC: No we are not.

ME: Yes we are.

RIC: I checked before we went to the grocery store. We have everything.

ME: Not everything.

RIC: We have the noodles, we have the beef, we have sausage, we have the various vegetables.

ME: Still missing something.

RIC: What? What are we missing?

ME: The sauce.

RIC: You always make the sauce.

ME: I can’t make this sauce.

RIC: Why not? We have tomatoes and we have the spices.

ME: We don’t have the wine.

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