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... And this is why I drink

RIC: Let’s go to Jim’s for breakfast.

ME: It’s so far away. I can cook something here.

RIC: But I want pancakes.

ME: Okay.

RIC: Jim’s is better than yours.

ME: Sorry.

RIC: Let’s go to Jim’s.

ME: It’s thirty minutes out of our way,

RIC: It’s not that far. We can go before shopping.

ME: I really am not in the mood to drive out of the way.

RIC: But I really want pancakes!

ME: Fine. We’ll go to Jim’s.


WAITRESS: Welcome to Jims! What can I get you?

ME: Two eggs, over easy with hashbrowns, bacon and white toast.

WAITRESS: And you?

RIC: Hamburger with a onion rings. A side of mayo, too, please.

ME: I thought you wanted pancakes.

RIC: I changed my mind.

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