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. . . and this is why I drink

RIC: What time is the barbecue?

ME: 2:00 pm

RIC: Today?

ME: No. Tomorrow.

RIC: On Sunday.

ME: Yes.

RIC: Not today, Saturday?

ME: No. Tomorrow.

RIC: But tomorrow is Sunday. Are you sure it’s not on Monday.

ME: No. Tomorrow is the Fourth.

RIC: But it’s Sunday.

ME: It’s still the Fourth.

RIC: What are we supposed to bring?

ME: A covered dish. I am thinking Mac-n-Cheese with bacon bits.

RIC: But it’s Sunday.

ME: And it’s a barbecue.

RIC: We should bring something more . . . Sunday-ish.

ME: {Looking at Ric askance}

RIC: Something . . . tomato-ey.

ME: {Pursing lips}

RIC: And, hot; since it’s a covered dish.

ME: {Shaking head}

RIC: {Slaps hand to forehead}. I got it! The perfect dish!

ME: {Wryly} Why, whatever will it be?

RIC: Penne Bolognese!

ME: Open the wine.

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