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And this is why I drink

. . . and this is why I drink

RIC: It’s Sunday!

ME: No, it’s not.

RIC: [Furrowing brow.] Yes, it is and tomorrow’s Monday.

ME: Tomorrow’s Labor Day

RIC: So.

ME: So tomorrow is more like Sunday than today.

RIC: But . . .

ME: That makes today like Saturday. We have two Saturdays this week.

RIC: That’s not right.

ME: Do you have to work tomorrow?

RIC: No.

ME: So what is the last day off before you return work each week?

RIC: Sunday

ME: So, if you are not working tomorrow that makes tomorrow Sunday which makes today Saturday. This week has two Saturdays

RIC: No.

ME: Yep. Sorry, Ric. No spaghetti tonight. You will have to wait until tomorrow.

RIC: But

ME: Let’s have some celebratory wine.

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