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And this is why I drink . . .

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: It’s Sunday. What do YOU want for dinner?

ME: Are you actually giving me the choice?

RIC: I realized that you rarely get your way and I almost always do.

ME: That’s true.

RIC: So, it’s only fair that today I give you the choice.

ME: It would be nice for once.

RIC: So, what do you want for dinner?

ME: I really can’t think about that right now.

RIC: Why not? I am giving you the choice so you need to decide.

ME: But I am not ready to make that decision.

RIC: What do you mean that you’re “not ready”?

ME: It’s too soon.

RIC: But we need to decide now.

ME: It’s seven in the morning. We haven’t even decided on breakfast and you want me to make a decision about dinner!?!

RIC: Well, if you are not going to decide then . . .

ME: Don’t say it.

RIC: I will have to.

ME: It’s not fair to ask me this before breakfast!

RIC: We are going to have . ..


RIC: Spaghetti.

ME: Open the wine.

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