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And This Is Why I Drink

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: Good morning!

ME: Good morning.

RIC: Happy Anniversary.

ME: You, too.

RIC: I made reservations for dinner. I thought we should go to a nice restaurant on our special day.

ME: Steiner Ranch?

RIC: Better.

ME: Perry’s?

RIC: Better.

ME: Hmmm . . .

RIC: What’s your favorite food?

ME: Steak.

RIC: Not a steakhouse.

ME: Barbecue brisket?

RIC: Nope.

ME: Well, those are my favorites.

RIC: But I know that you love Italian.

ME: Oh, God, no!

RIC: . . . and you love bottomless salad and never ending breadsticks

ME: Please don’t say it.

RIC: And it is a Sunday.

ME: Nooooooo!

RIC: Spaghetti at Olive Garden.

ME: Open the wine.

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