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And This is Why I Drink

RIC: Do you want me to prep anything for the spaghetti?

ME: Spaghetti?

RIC: It’s Sunday.

ME: Yes, it is.

RIC: Sunday is a special day.

ME: It’s the Lords’s day; a day to commune with God (whomever your god may be), a day to remember the good things in life; a day of rest; a day to spend with loved ones.

RIC: I am glad that you feel that way because I invited some friends over for dinner.

ME: Great! I assume you are making something special for them.

RIC: [with a quizzical look] It’s Sunday.

ME: Yes.

RIC:: You’re making spaghetti.

ME: But you invited people over. Don’t you want something special?

RIC: A special meal for a special day.

ME: Of course.

RIC: Spaghetti is special.

ME: For guests?

RIC: For everyone.

ME: Open the wine.

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