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And This is Why I Drink

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: It’s the day before Halloween.

ME: We call that Devil’s Night.

RIC: We should definitely do something Halloween themed for dinner; ghoulish.

ME: That sounds great. Maybe ribs since they are on the bone?

RIC: Not really in the mood for ribs.

ME: How about torn up pieces of ham? They look like flesh and can be served with . . .

RIC: Ham is not my favorite. I am thinking more guts-like.

ME: Oooh! I know! Linked sausages with . . .

RIC: No. Thinner.

ME: Don’t say it.

RIC: In a blood-red sauce.

ME: Please, no.

RIC: With pieces of meat in the sauce.

ME: Nope. Not gonna do it.

RIC: Very ghoulish.

ME: Please, no.

RIC: I know, spaghetti!

ME: Open the wine.

RIC: Red wine, of course.

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