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And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: It’s Sunday.

ME: I know. I will make spaghetti.

RIC: Actually, I thought I would make some fried chicken, tonight.

ME: Fried chicken? Tonight?

RIC: Yes.

ME: But, it’s Sunday.

RIC: I know

ME: You don’t want spaghetti?

RIC: No.

ME: I’m confused.

RIC: I know.

ME: It’s Sunday and you don’t want spaghetti.

RIC: That’s right.

ME: You want fried chicken?

RIC: Yes.

ME: And you’re going to cook it?

RIC: Yes.

ME: Has the earth stopped spinning?

RIC: No.

ME: But . . .

RIC: I’ve made up my mind.

ME: Open the wine.

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