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And This is Why I Drink

ME: We had Italian yesterday. Tonight I am making Chicken Fried Steak

RIC: With mashed potatoes and gravy?

ME: Of course.

RIC: Skin-on or skin-off potatoes?

ME: Whichever you prefer.

RIC: Skin-off.

ME: Ok.

RIC: What about a vegetable? We have to have a vegetable.

ME: Southern style green beans with bacon.

RIC: Not really my favorite.

ME: Corn on the cob?

RIC: You know that gets stuck in my teeth.

ME: Peas?

RIC: Too mushy.

ME: How about mixed vegetables?

RIC: That sounds great! A spring mix!

ME: Don’t say it.

RIC: Like prima vera.

ME: Don’t say it.

RIC: Maybe mixed into something with a starch?

ME: Do NOT say it.

RIC: Maybe a pasta.


RIC: A pasta primavera.


RIC: And, if we are going to have the pasta primavera.

ME: We are not.

RIC: Then do we really need the chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes?

ME: Open the wine.

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