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And this is Why I Drink . . .

. . . and this is why I drink:

RIC: Let’s have poor man’s spaghetti tonight. Keep it simple.

ME: Ok.

RIC: Just some sausage. Not crumbled sausage, though. Let’s use cut up sausage.

ME: Ok.

RIC: But it needs to be cut up just right. Not big huge chunks. I want it cut very small.

ME: Halved and sliced?

RIC: Smaller.

ME: Sliced then quartered?

RIC: Smaller.

ME: How much smaller? Diced?

RIC: Smaller.

ME: Minced?

RIC: Smaller.

ME: So, crumbled.

RIC: Not crumbled I want it cut.

ME: Open the wine.

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