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Merry Christmas

Today, Christians across the world will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Even many non-Christians will celebrate this holiday.

Of course, there are those who will vociferously protest. Some will say, “He wasn’t even born on this day.” While others will proclaim, “This is a co-opted pagan holiday!”

To them I say, who cares?

Whatever one’s religious beliefs may be; whatever one may think or feel about this specific date; whether one is a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Pagan, or - insert whatever belief you have here - let’s remember:

Two thousand years ago, a man walked the earth preaching compassion for all mankind. For that . . . he was put to death.

Regardless of our faith (or lack thereof), shouldn’t we all celebrate the idea of compassion?

Let’s walk in that man’s footsteps and be kinder toward our fellow man and let’s not go down the path of crucifying others.

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