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Nothing Changes, but the Names & the Places

After the contentious 2016 election, many of my friends on one side of the aisle were jubilant while friends on the other side were morose. I penned the following (published in “A Collection of Monkeys” (2018)). Four years later, many of my friends on one side of the aisle are jubilant while friends on the other side are morose.

I post this again noting that, with but a tweak here or there, it still rings true:

“One day in January 2017,

You will wake from a fretful sleep, having been up half the night fretting over the worries of the day.

You will make lunch for your children and send them off to school to get an inadequate education.

You will go to work at a job you most likely do not enjoy — or if you have no job, presumably you will be looking for one.

You will pay your mortgage or rent and all your other bills, then look down at your balance sheet and wonder how you do it.

You will eat too much food as you worry about your diet.

Somewhere, one group or another will be protesting one thing or another.

Somewhere, there will be a terrorist attack by some group or another.

Some nation or another will take menacing and provocative actions against another.

Congress will spend more money than the government takes in, and the nation’s debt will expand.

Congressmen will spend more time with lobbyists and fundraisers than they will on solving the nation’s problems.

Either Clinton or Trump will be sworn in as the new president.

And on the next day . . . nothing will change.”

~“A Collection of Monkeys” (2018)

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