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Plant Vol 1, Issue 41

In recent days, we have learned that California has become the first state to pass legislation that will ban the manufacture and sale of fur products. We at PLANT find this law to be hypocritical and discriminatory against our leafy friends. While it purports to protect animals from the ravishing of evil humans, it ignores the plight of vegetable life and does nothing but encourage further humiliation toward them.

How many more of our dear cotton brethren will have their “fur” cruelly ripped from their bracts so that humans may have comfortable sheets on their beds? How many more will be left withering naked under the heat of the August sun after a so-called harvest so that humans may have the latest fashion?

What about the poor, downtrodden hemp plant? Hemp is a strain of Cannabils sativa and grown specifically so that its stalk’s and fibers may be used in clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, etc. How many more of our hemp brethren must die so that humans can feel “woke”?

And what about hemp’s cousin, marijuana? Not so very long ago, California legalized the harvesting and sale of this living organism so that it’s citizens could find a mind-altering state. Imagine, if you will, being an innocent marijuana plant, minding your own business, then having your limbs ripped from your body, dried, crushed, and rolled into paper (Paper! What a flagrant abuse of our tree-friends!) then lit on fire so that these humans can inhale the magic of yourself. Would you like to be caught on fire and inhaled? Would you like to be the catalyst of humanity’s endeavors to alter their mind?

Humans must stop altering their minds and start altering their thinking. Plants are living things too and worthy of protection. Otherwise, humanity is inhumane.

Join us now in our plight to protect our leafy friends.

Lettuce be Free!

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