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Ring, Ring

Ring, Ring, Ring . . .

Thank you for calling the Outrage Hotline. Press . . .

1 for English or

2 for Spanish

[ 1 ]

Please tell us what you are calling about. Press . . .

1 to voice a complaint or

2 to cancel something

[ 2 ]

What would you like to cancel? Press . . .

1 for a statue

2 for a song

3 for a movie or

4 for a book

[ 4 ]

Now, tell us the reason you want to cancel this [BOOK]. Press . . .

1 because its racist

2 because its misogynist

3 because its content triggers you or

4 you are outraged that you cannot effect change

[ 4 ]


1 for English or

2 for Spanish

. . .

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