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Texas Hold ‘Em

It has not been a good week. For the most part, people have taken it with a grain of salt and bit of humor. But after several days of this, patience is wearing thin and tempers are flaring. The worst part of this has been the inability of our so-called leaders (at all levels of government) to give us truthful and accurate information. Give people the truth and we can deal with it. But if they lkeep sugarcoating it or telling only part of the story, thenwe won’t believe anything those officials say.

Many out there have already started the blame game.

It’s ERCOT’s fault. It’s because of green energy programs. It’s because of fossil fuel. It’s because of of unfettered growth without infrastructure improvement. It’s because of Biden; its because of Trump; it’s because of Republicans, Democrats; poor energy policy on the federal level or poor energy policy on the state level. It’s because people are selfish and refusing to conserve energy (when they have it). Well, I say, a pox on all of your houses.

The blaming is not what we need right now. Right now, we need only two things:

  1. Heat; and,

  2. Truthful, accurate information.

There will be plenty of time for recriminations and finger pointing later. Give us a fix for the immediate problem, then figure out how to make sure that this never happens again.

Until then, shut up and stop fighting.

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