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The Fifth - Update

When I first outlined “The Fifth”, I had a section that moved the story from one point to another, but in the interest of brevity, I fast forwarded in time and cut the section. However, some of my beta readers suggested that there was something “missing”. They wanted to see how x led to y. So, I started a bridge.

I thought it would be a simple scene to connect the dots, but the (minor) character I used to do so rose-up and demanded to be heard. (How I hate when my characters do not cooperate with my vision!) Her demands were not unreasonable, though, so I gave her a voice.

The bridge that was meant to connect two points turned into nine thousand words (9,678 to be exact) and that character has spoken. She has made her peace and also made her goodbyes.

And, yes, I think she has made the work stronger.

There are two more areas that my beta readers suggested I “beef up”; two more areas where they wanted more connection. My gut says that these will be relatively simple to complete, but who knows what these characters might demand? I hope they cooperate and that we can finish the tale to get it to its first draft within a week or two, but if they are as obstinate as the one above . . .

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