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The Thousand Mile Journey

Dear Readers:

Now that “The Ordinary Sin” has been put to bed, I need your help. I have a number of ideas percolating in my mind - if you look hard enough, you might see the wheels turning - but I am not sure which project to begin next.

1. I could continue the Ordinary series. I have a couple of the characters we could more fully explore, but is there a character you would like to know more about?

2. Romania. I have an idea for a trilogy about a Romanian family and their lives from WWII until (and maybe after) their escape from communist Romania.

3. I have been considering trying my hand at horror. Would you be interested in learning more about the mythological creatures of Hispanic lore - the Lechuza or the Cucuy?

4. SciFi/Dystopian society. I have an idea percolating on this that would be told in the context of a seventh or eight grade history class.

5. Of course, I have a number of other ideas percolating, but thought I might you give you a chance to weigh in.

What would you like to read from me next?

Please respond here, message me, or email me. (There is contact information on www.mariokiefer.com).

Thanks for your help and for your support!

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