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The Tower

In Genesis, we learned that the whole of the earth was once comprised of one people who spoke a common language. They settled and dwelt in the land of Shinar and determined to build a tower to the heavens that they may find and see the face of God. But God in His wisdom determined that Man was not yet ready to see his face. To obstruct Man’s efforts He confounded their language that they spoke different words with different meanings and scattered them abroad upon the whole of the earth.

Thousands of years later our civilizations have begun to meld and the people grow closer to again becoming one. The tools to reach the heavens are within our grasp and nothing may restrain us from what we imagine to do. But there are those who do not want Man to see the face of God, so they confound our language by changing the meaning of our words to confuse our communication and prevent us from building the tower.

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