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They Just Couldn't Help Themselves

In 2016, the nation elected its 45th president. The day after that election, many took to the streets in riot and protest. Some screamed to the sky. They just couldn’t accept the result.

They just couldn’t help themselves.

For four years, half of the nation rejected their new president and decried the other half who elected him. Each side pointed the finger at the other while thumping their chest and crying out, “You are to blame!”

They just couldn’t help themselves.

They sowed the seeds of discord and distrust. Half sought any means to destroy that president, his administration, and anyone and everyone who supported him. They doxxed his supporters and tried to shame them into submission. They called them deplorable, evil, racist, and any other pejorative they could think of. They needed to be destroyed. They are evil, after all.

They just couldn’t help themselves.

In March 2020 (if not before), everybody knew what was going to happen this election cycle. They knew it would be messy and contested. They knew that the processes put in place for this election would lead to allegations of cheating, theft, and corruption. It’s not like the signs were not there. It’s not as if the warnings weren’t issued each and every day. Still they let it occur.

They just couldn’t help themselves.

They allowed division and discord to reach such a fevered pitch that this society could not even come together to take the necessary measures to prevent this. They could not put the safeguards in place to ensure that every vote cast was legal and counted. I daresay, many were so invested in their anger and hatred that they even wanted this to occur.

They just couldn’t help themselves.

Now, no matter what the end result, half of our population will never accept it. The next president, whomever he may be, will never be considered legitimate by half of our population. We are no longer “. . . one nation, under God, indivisible . . .” The anger, hatred, and vitriol will continue. Half will point the finger at the other half and proclaim, "You are to blame."

We just can’t help ourselves.

We are two Americas, now, where each half wants to destroy - utterly destroy - the other half. Meanwhile, our enemies across the globe revel in what we have become. Lady Liberty falls to her knees crying tears of disappointment. But we turn a blind eye to that weeping Lady because:

We just can’t help ourselves.

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