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“The Fifth” is off to the editor. I anticipate feedback sometime in mid to late August. Then I will work on whatever revisions are needed at that time. Hopefully, there won’t be too many because I hope to make a publication date in September. (Only six months later than I originally intended!) I have also started to review photos to settle on a cover concept. I have an idea in mind, but am having a difficult time finding the right photos.

Now that “The Fifth” is off to the editor, I have been toying with my next project(s):

Since, I had already begun work on my dystopian tale, I am taking that to the next level. It will be my next full book project. Hopefully, it will be out summer of 2022. (I can't wait to see how what happens!)

Today, I did some work on July’s short story — which should come out the last weekend of the month. I am thinking of turning these into a sort of series, themed, but different tales each month.

I also began outlining a serial. I hope to do ten episodes per series and publish each episode at standard intervals until the series conclusion. Of course, I want the entire series complete before I releases episode 1 - I don’t want to be writing on the fly to complete the series.

I think that is enough for today, but who knows, since I am stuck at home waiting for delivery of wine — and I must be here to sign for it.

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