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2019 Q4 Reviews - The Ordinary Life

I realized that it has been awhile since I mentioned any reviews of “The Ordinary Life”, but they re still coming in. Here are a few excerpts from the last quarter. Read the full reviews (and more) at

Lipeachy23 “wonderful showcase of how our histories, ancestors, our own views of truth, and the interplay of society can have a strong influence over our lives”

Wycliffe: “From the onset that I opened ‘The Ordinary Life’ by Mario Kiefer, I could not even even imagine put[t]ing it down for how it was interesting. It is such a beautiful story that pulls ones emotions and feelings.”

SPD: “. . . a long tale in which the stories of their descendants are woven together. Some of the plotl ines . . . are so emotionally heavy . . . And you want to look away but you can’t! You just want to finish the book and find out the fates of these characters.”

Vickey: “I have always thought that we all have a story to tell. Author of The Ordinary Life: Mario Kiefer has a tremendously special story for us all to read . . This story is a good example of how our choices throughout our life can set a path for our future and for others we cross paths with during our short time here. I give this book a 5 plus.”

Lange: “. . . a marvelous novel that is fiction but is based on real life issues . . . the writer . . . mak[es]you bond with each individual character . . it really sucked me in and I . . .wanted to know what happen[ed] . . . and I was very thankful to find this book to be able to read it.

Emily M: “. . . one of the amazing book of fiction that are based on true life events. I really love the uniqueness of the author in trying to bring a true image of the way things happen in real life events. . . . The way the author keeps on twisting the story line will actually leave you in a craving situation of wanting to know more . . What a Read!!!”

Angie D: . . . an extraordinary tale that spans several generations of a Mexican-American family. This book masterfully captures the ups and downs of a family who endure poverty, hardship, grief, abuse, illness, and death . . . The characters are beautifully described and their relationships are at times heart-wrenching. Kiefer weaves in historical bits of information that make this story so believable . . . When I picked up this book, I didn’t know what to expect – but I was intrigued from the very first page . . . I highly recommend this novel, as it is interesting, engaging, and very well-written.”

Amazon Customer: “I had never read anything from Mario Kiefer before this and now I'm searching all over to see what else he had written! This book blew me away. It is intense and thought provoking . . . This book opened up a lot of emotions in me and I loved how the women were so strong in it . . . This is a fantastic read and I would suggest it to anyone who is looking for some historic fiction!”

Escamilla : “I first came across the author by reading his other book, “The Ordinary Doll” almost a year ago. I loved that piece, and I feel that this one is in a similar vein. . . . The language, like Kiefer’s other works, is rich, lyrical, and has an almost a poetic quality. This is a great example of literary fiction. The plot itself is engaging, and it goes beyond focusing on the large, multi-generational family. You see the world of immigration, sexuality, loss, and love through this lens and in doing so, Kiefer creates a world that is deeply realistic . . . that is also powerfully moving . . . I really enjoyed this piece and it’s a book I absolutely recommend. Once you are done with this one, I encourage you to also read Kiefer’s other works.”

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