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2020 Monster Reviews

I have been busy toiling away at the next “Ordinary” book. “The Ordinary Sin” will drop in the next week or two.

I have been remiss in sharing excerpts of 2020 reviews of The Ordinary Monster. Here are some snippets. As always, you can read the full reviews (and more) at

N Sims rates its 5.0 out of 5 stars and called it “Amazing!”

The reviewer says that they were “Captivated completely by the amazing work . . . The ending of the novel was bombdigity! . . . I loved how the author explained mankind in a way that not many people choose to see them or themselves.”

Bloodygoodbookreviews gave it a 4/5 stars and called it a “Deep Read.”

The reviewer said that“The Ordinary Monster by Mario Kiefer had me from the get go and was a wonderful read . . this . . . was not in my usual repertoire. However, I am very glad I chose to give it a chance. The story starts as every novel should: a grasping hook. . . Characters with deep "shards of glass" are some of my favorites as well and Hector was that character. . . I recommend this book to those who like flawed characters with deep rooted troubles many of us face.”

J Sawyer rated it 4/5 and called it “suspenseful from the beginning to the end.”

The reviewer called it a “Spooky, look behind me at all times in case someone/something is behind me,” and said “This book is suspenseful and thought-provoking . . kept me wondering what was going to happen next the entire time. I will have to read the other two in this series.”

M. Cole rated it 5/5 and called it “an absorbing character study within a dark thriller.

This reviewer said, “I picked up The Ordinary Monster on a whim because I was drawn in by the cover of the book. I had no idea that it was part of a series . . . I may have to go back and read the earlier books in the series. The Ordinary Monster captivated me by the questions it posed. . . . Kiefer does a wonderful job of weaving these questions throughout the story and leaving it up to the reader to interpret the answers. . . Two things that really stood out to me in this book were the dialogue and character work. Kiefer did an excellent job of introducing readers to his characters’ world and culture through their dialogue. . . . I was fascinated by the cyclical nature of this story, the way the violence/trauma/revenge cycle kept repeating . . .The author did a great job of maintaining the tension throughout the book . . the violence in the book wasn’t gratuitous and we got to see the aftermath of each violent act. . . The Ordinary Monster by Mario Kiefer is a dark, suspenseful tale that asks readers to question their own views on morality and the very nature of evil. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers, especially those that ask the difficult questions about the human experience.”

SPD rated it 5/5 and said, “Wow - standout book!”

This reviewer said, “I actually read this series out of order – I started with Ordinary Monster before realizing there were also Ordinary Life and Ordinary Doll. . . . now that I’ve enjoyed this one, I will be moving on to the rest of the series for sure! . . . I think this would make a great movie actually. This is so much deeper than some old man’s story; it’s about how humans handle emotions, how rage and anger can change people and how the subsequent damage can ripple out over generations. I finished this book pretty quickly . . .but these ideas will sit with me for a long time.

Maria V. Rated it 5/5.

She said, “Mario Kiefer returns with another book in his Ordinary series titled Ordinary Monster. The main characters hail from migrant farming families in Texas. . . .This story is weaved in such a way that might have readers examining how they would face some of the incidents that occurred in this book. Mario Kiefer has written a spellbinding story leaving me hoping for more books in this Ordinary series featuring Junior’s siblings.”

N. Chapman rated it 5/5 and called the book “full of suspense and revenge.”

This reviewer said, The Ordinary Monster by Mario Kiefer is a page turner . . a well written and interesting story . . .The Ordinary Monster is full of suspense and revenge. From the title and the cover I thought the book would be about some monster that the author came up with. It was not what I expected, but it turned out to be a page turner. It was such a good book.”

A kindle customer gave it 5/5 and called it a Suspenseful eye opener.

They said, “Before reading Ordinary Monster I have never heard of Mario Kiefer. (Sad I know,) but after reading this book I felt compelled to read the rest of the series. From the first page the author pulls you into his world and doesn’t let you go until the end. . . This was such an amazing story, so glad I read it.”

K. Lopez rated it 5/5 and said “The Ordinary Monster by Mario Kiefer is a gripping tale of the dangers of anger and vengeance, and how it can destroy families . . . Kiefer weaves a complex tale that leaves the reader eagerly turning each page. . .”

J. Thompson rated it 5/5 and called it an Amazing story of internal struggle and hope.”

The reviewer said, “Wow I was very impressed and captivated by this book . . . When I started reading this book I didn’t believe I could find any compassion for a monster . . .But I was quickly proven inaccurate in my assumptions . . . ‘La Furia’, that term will stay with me for a long time. . . .I found surprising empathy for both characters in this book. The descriptions provided by the author regarding the internal emotions and unsustainable rage really bring the reader into their mindsets as they go through the actions and situations which they face . . . Mario does an amazing job of building the story and plotline while paying incredible attention to detail. . . I didn’t want to put the book down, and always felt I needed to know what would happen next . . . I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to immerse themselves in a solid story based on internal struggle along with the same individuals trying to run from their troubled paths, while knowing one can never truly escape one’s self.”

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