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And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: What time did we go to bed? The last thing I remember was sitting outside.

ME: You went to bed just a little before me. I was in bed at 9:53.

RIC: That early? Well that’s a good thing, I guess. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good.

ME: That is a surprise considering you were drunk.

RIC: I was not drunk. I was tipsy.

ME: A distinction without a difference.

RIC: I am hungry.

ME: I thought you might be, so I made hash browns, and eggs scrambled two ways: one with sausage, onion, and red pepper; and one with bacon. I am warming tortillas to go with them. I made enough so that we can have breakfast tacos throughout week.

RIC: Yum. That sounds good.

ME: [Puts plate of food in front of Ric] Here you go.

RIC: Flour tortillas?

ME: Of course. One does not make breakfast tacos with corn tortillas.

RIC: [Gives me a forlorn look]. You know I prefer corn.

ME: [sighs] Tosses corn tortilla on hot comal.

RIC: You know what’s really great for a hangover?

ME: What do you want, now?

RIC: Spaghetti

ME: Open the wine.

RIC: Nooooooooo!

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