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And This is Why I Drink

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: It’s Sunday.

ME: Yes, it is.

RIC: What’s our plans for today?

ME: Well, we have to feed the dog, do the grocery shopping, gas up the truck and drop it off for an oil change. We need to run over to LW’s and CK’s place to take care of the cats. We have brunch with BR and SW. We won’t be home until 1:30 or so.

RIC: Busy morning. Then what?

ME: I have some business-side matters for my writing to tend to. I need to catch up on some overdue correspondence. I need to research some services up in Michigan and I need to get at least two hours worth of writing done today.

RIC: Wow. Sounds busy. But aren’t you forgetting something?

ME: I don’t think so.

RIC: Think harder.

ME: Don’t be a smart ass. I am looking at my list and that’s everything on it.

RIC: Nope. There is at least one thing missing.

ME: What?

RIC: You know

ME: I am not a mindreader. If it’s not on the list, it’s not getting done

RIC: [picks up list and scribbles on it]

ME: What’s this? I can’t read your chicken scratch.

RIC: Spaghetti!

ME: Open the wine.

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