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And This is Why I Drink

And this is why I drink . . .

RIC: When’s dinner?

ME: The usual time - about six.

RIC: I can’t wait.

ME: It should be good. I had it simmering on the stove all day.

RIC: I love when you let it simmer all day and those flavors all meld together in the sauce.

ME: Sauce?

RIC: Well, yeah. You are making spaghetti.

ME: Not tonight. I have a homemade chicken soup simmering.

RIC: Chicken soup? But it’s Sunday.

ME: Yes it is.

RIC: Sunday is for spaghetti.

ME: Well, I had a hankering for a nice, homemade chicken soup.

RIC: What am I supposed to eat

ME: Umm . . . hello? Chicken Soup.

RIC: Is it at least chicken noodle?

ME: No, Just chicken vegetable.

RIC: Can you put some spaghetti noodles in it?

ME: Open the wine

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