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Here is a little teaser from The Fifth . . . Cimeries

"Cimeries was not one to waste time, energy, or effort when he could avoid it. He always believed that the shortest distance between two points was a straight line and when faced with a fork in the road, he took the most direct route.

"Like Erida, Cimeries wore whatever cloak he needed to perform his duties, but unlike his sister, he rather enjoyed being seen in his true form -- whenever he could. He was intoxicated by the eye-widening fear that emanated from those lesser beings when struck by the sight of him. It was almost too delicious to resist, such that even when ensconced in the hide of another, he almost always found a way to let his true grin show through; if for no other reason than to see the doubt (and fear) that filled their eyes.

"Erida often teased him that he enjoyed their awe because it fed his great ego. '

To this he could only respond, 'Can the character in a play have an ego when he cannot deviate from the script?'

"Still, he had to admit that he felt tingles course through him when they fell to their knees begging for his mercy."


Coming mid-October.

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