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Here is a little teaser from The Fifth . . . Erida

She did not know the day that she was born or even if she had been born at all. Nor did she know her name or even if she had one. Nowhere in the annals of time could she find a reference to any specific name for her. What difference did a name make anyway, when her creator knew who she was without one? But as Father’s creations began to interact with each other, they needed a way to distinguish themselves, even if Father did not. So when asked, she simply said, “Call me Erida.”

Of course, the word “day” was meaningless since she came into being before the dawn of time, before there ever was such a thing as a “day”. Regardless of how one might choose to refer to that moment of her creation, she simply went from the what-is-not to the what-is and, on that day, oh so many millennia ago, she knew that she had a purpose; that purpose had been programmed into her such that even if she wanted to escape it, she could not. It simply was, is, and always would be. Throughout time immemorial, she dutifully played her role, never really understanding what that role might be or how it was meant to fit into the grand tapestry of . . . well, everything. But she did not need to understand because her role was to obey the commands she was given.

She knew that she was one of the first and that in the end when all was revealed, she would be among the last. She knew that her purpose took her there. What more did she need to know?


Coming mid-October.

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