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He was a nobody.

You don’t know him. He was a nobody.

There was nothing remarkable about him. He was just an ordinary man; an average guy, of average height who was pleasant enough to look at but would never win a modeling contest. Sure, he was intelligent, but he would never become a member of Mensa. And yes, he had a good heart, but, like everyone, he made his fair share of mistakes. He was a nobody.

He was just a man; an average Joe. He went to work and paid his taxes. He paid his mortgage, his utilities, and all of his other bills. He was a man who tried to do what was best for his family, even if he sometimes failed. He was a man who spent time with his friends and enjoyed their company over a beer or a dinner - nothing spectacular; just the run of the mill everyday activities that most average Joe’s enjoy. He was a nobody.

He never did anything “important”. He made no impact on the greater society. He did nothing that might be written into the annals of history. He never ran for office. He never founded a charity. He never acted. He never played sports. No stadium, theater, building, or street would ever be named after him. No monuments would ever be erected in his honor. He was a nobody.

You don’t know him. He was a nobody, but he passed away this morning and to those he left behind, he was, is, and always will be, somebody.


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