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July 25 Review Roundup of "The Ordinary Sin"

July 25 Review Roundup: “The Ordinary Sin”

Just a few reviews of “The Ordinary Sin” since last I posted about them. Here are some snippets below. Read the full the full reviews at

JT called it “thought provoking” and says: “WOW this author certainly has a style and a process you can depend on every time! . . . As in his previous book I read, the introduction is a slow build up to a very in-depth story which will pull you in and get you completely hooked . . . I was captivated once the story began to break and I wanted to know more. There are subtle hints of what is to come, but the writing style of this author maintains the mystery of what you know and what you think you know is to come . . . really made me think twice about my life choices as I sat there reading this book and enjoying my martini! . . . I really enjoyed this book and I would recommend it to anyone searching for a good read!”

C wrote: “The Ordinary Sin is a story about a mother and daughter . . . Kiefer does a very good job of making readers feel the emotions that the characters are experiencing throughout the book . . . It is hard to put this book down once you start it . . . I am interested in reading the other . . . “Ordinary” books after enjoying this read as much as I did. I highly recommend reading this book!”

KL says: “. . . the paragraph on the amazon listing of the book . . . caught my attention enough to purchase the book to get to the story . . . written with great description and detail . . . the ending of the story was a bit of a surprise. I won't say why. You will need to read to the end to find out.”

DB opines: “The author tells a narrative of a complex mother/daughter relationship . . . What I enjoyed most about the formatting of this book is each chapter begins with a scripture that defines the theme and sets the tone for the scene you're about to read. There are numerous flashbacks to the childhood of Sara, the protagonist, whenever some action or behavior triggers her mind in the present. In these flashbacks you can see what past actions impacted the way she either proactively chooses or indirectly chooses to live her life in the present . . . This book is a reminder of how loved ones should embrace the diversity within one's family whether it comes in the form of difference in sexuality, body type, or mentality.”

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