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PLANT - Vol. 1, Issue 40: Municipal Flora Committee

We at PLANT note that many municipalities have a wildlife committee whose purpose is to advise a city council about issue related to the proper approach, treatment, and management of wildlife. We also note that most municipalities have ordinances and codes that deal with the proper treatment of animals. This is not a bad thing. We all need to be better stewards of our furry friends.

But what about our leafy brethren?

  • Why are there no committees to deal with the proper and humane treatment of these living things?

  • Do people not believe in the sanctity of life for trees, shrubs, and other vegetables?

  • Are the lives of our fauna more important than the lives of our flora?

  • Do we only care about the “cute”, little animals?

  • Are our seedlings not as important as our puppies?

Call to Action: We challenge each and every municipality across our great nation to install committees to protect these innocent beings from the ravages of man.

Join PLANT today in advocating for the rights of fruits, vegetables and every other flora under the sun.

“Lettuce Be Free!”

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