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PLANT Vol. 1, Issue 48: Thanksgiving

As Americans prepare for their traditional Thanksgiving feast, many will grumble over the treatment of our fine, feathered friend - the turkey. Even in the upper echelons of power, the President will pardon one of these fowl.

But what about our leafy amigos? In all of the hoopla over “Turkey Day” their plight will remain forgotten.

Many will cruelly blanket their green beans in sauce made from the blood of mushrooms and covered in the charred remains of the onion, while others will mix the poor yam with marshmallow cream and syrup to be used as a sweet tonic with which they will wash down the taste of the potatoes they have murdered and mashed into pablum. Some will turn to the cranberry; harvested, gelled and canned.

After feasting on the carcasses of their kill, they will turn to the unborn children of the mighty pecan tree -- children that have been plucked and shucked from the arms of their mother, buried in Karo syrup and fettered within the confines of their wheat-based or other cereal grain pastry crust. The chefs who cook these babies will ignore their cries as they are baked at 350 degrees.

Oh, yes, by all means, let us applaud the President as he pardons the turkey as we hypocritically forget the cruel sacrifice of our leafy friends.

It’s time to stop this genocide of vegetable life. Join PLANT today in our campaign to promote the dignity of plant life.

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