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We at PLANT read where KFC has come out with a plant-based “fried chicken.”

At the outset, let's acknowledge that any plant-based meat substitute is not meat. Calling something “fried chicken” that is made from the body parts of our leafy friends is not chicken - and no amount of calling such will make it so.

Many have turned to these plant-based alternatives seeking a “healthy” lifestyle. But, did you know:

  • Plant-based “fried chicken” replaces the poultry with gluten or wheat protein; Gluten from wheat is what gives bread its texture - a texture that is then highly processed to imitate meat;

  • Most meat substitutes contain vegetable oils that are high in saturated fats;

  • Any food that is processed and fried is not a “health” food;

  • This plant based substitute only has only ten calories less than a comparable serving of the real thing.


So let’s get to the truth of the matter.

Each of these plant-based alternatives for meat products are nothing more than corporate pandering to an ill-informed public. We at PLANT seek to educate the public about the cruelty involved in the consumption of our leafy friends.

Here is the simple, un-varnished truth: Plants are living things. They live, die, and procreate. They have just as much right to life as our furry friends. For these reasons, any substitution of animal products for plant products for ethical reasons is misguided.

As noted above, any substitution of animal products for plant products for health reasons is ill-informed.

Stand up against the heartless cruelty of those who would murder our innocent leafy friends.

Join PLANT in its fight to ensure that all of our flora are endowed with the same rights as any living thing on this wonderful plant of ours.

Joint PLANT in crying out . . .

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