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Review Roundup 10/8/2020

Updated: May 1, 2021

It’s been awhile since I have posted any reviews, so it must be time for shameless self promotion. Here are few new ones of "The Ordinary Doll"

JJ: "Don’t miss this book!!”

"I honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to like The Ordinary Doll before I started reading it. That doubt was quickly put to rest after just a few pages . . . 'Lucid dreams are those dreams where the dreamer is self-aware and realizes that she is dreaming. Luciana had been plagued with such dreams for as far back as she could remember.' Sometimes dreams within dreams, but were they lucid? . . . once I finished the book, I went back through it looking for clues that I had missed the first time around leading to the Luciana’s truth. This is one of the greatest and saddest books I’ve read in awhile! Highly recommended!"

JM: “Fascinating and Gripping”

"'The Ordinary Doll' was a fascinating story that told a story so much deeper than I expected . . . The author was so incredible in the way in which he crafted this world, making you as the reader really get a feel for the atmosphere and setting in which Luciana lives . . . I can’t say enough about the character development within this book, but that being said, the thing I found the most impressive was the way in which dreams were incorporated. I loved how the author weaved reality and intertwined it with the dream world in which Luciana inhabits . . . he writes dreams so well, perfectly capturing the sporadic essence in which most of us dream, the way they constantly cut from place to place to scene to scene . . . A wonderfully thrilling book that I recommend to all looking for an entertaining story, and a deeper dive into the human condition."

GH: “A story worth reading”

"Mario Kiefer weaves a story that is rich with detail - the families of itinerant farm workers and their culture. Their struggles with poverty, their joy from simple things, and their wish to make and have a better life . . . It's impossible to explain exactly how Mario made the story complete without spoiling it - and I'm not going to do that . . . It's a story about a father's sins punishing his whole family . . .It's a story about a how the family lives with these tragedies . . . The lines between fantasy and reality get blurred, and so do the lines between coping and failing . . . It's a story worth reading."

R: “Amazing book in an even more amazing series”

"Wonderful story telling. The author, Mario Kiefer, is really able to capture the essence of someone with a disability/chronic health condition, especially in the realm of dating and finding love . . .Will someone be able to love me? Am I worthy of love? I found the second chapter to be quite emotionally moving . . . I particularly enjoy this series. I had read the Ordinary Monster before reading this and intend on reading the rest. I'm unsure of the ordering of the books but in a way it doesn't seem to matter. Kiefer skillfully tells a story that centers around 1 act and then how it unfolds for the differing characters. It gives a sense of awe on how the author is able to capture so much of the essence of each character where I can empathize with them. Everyone gets their side of a story told, and it gives a lot of closure, and yet more curiosity . . . The ending to this journey was actually very unexpected and highlights how chronically ill people use escapism to avoid the cruel reality of their situation. I highly recommend both books and look forward to reading the rest in the series."

C: “Beautifully written”

"Well, I immediately know that a book is good when it brings me to tears. This book gave me chills. I smiled. I related to characters, and I felt their pain as if I had lived it. I read through tragedy, struggle and loss as if I had witnessed it . . . I really loved the way Hispanic culture was integrated into the story . . . This book is crafted perfectly . . . I felt so immersed in the story and the dialogue, the dreams and inner thoughts, that I forgot that I was reading fiction . . . This is the kind of book that doesn’t leave many rocks unturned, and it’s readability is strong. Loomed in mystery and foreshadow, reading this book can make a room feel quieter. I mean that in the best way."

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